L'AIR International - Suspended Floors for Studios and Theatres
For Over Two Decades, The World's Leader In
Suspended-Flooring For Dance,
Theatre, Athletics, And Acoustical Isolation
L’AIR Excelle II

Pre-fabricated Suspended Flooring for Studios & Gymnasiums

Pre-Fabricated Permanent Suspended Flooring for Theatres

Pre-fabricated Suspended Flooring Systems for Theatre–Touring

Performance Surfaces for Excelle II
L’AIR Professional DanceVinyl and L’AIR Pre-Finished, Free-Floating Hardwoods

L’AIR Engineered Reducers
Doorway and Open Flooring Edge Gradients for all L’AIR Suspended Flooring Systems

L’AIR Cove Molding
Vinyl Vented Cove Molding for Excelle II and BRAVO Suspended Flooring Systems

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