Located in Fort Worth, Texas, L’AIR International is one of the leading US manufacturers of dance floor products and the originator of “engineered” suspended sprung flooring.

Founded by Kenneth Snipes in 1986, his innovative ideas for a solution to hard, inconsistent, hazardous studio and theatre flooring have become the industry standard – with sprung floor systems installed in some of the most demanding and prestigious facilities all over the world. Our dedication to innovation has been both the founding principle and our most important goal since the start.

Over the years, L’AIR International has made innovation its most important attribute. Currently, our top ideas are focused on developing a more natural shock absorption with applications that are suitable for both inside and outside the arts. Look for innovative ideas to come in the areas of second floor acoustic applications, various aerobic & athletic facilities, as well as other applications where safety, fatigue or sound and/or vibration is a concern.

What Makes Us Different