for theatre touring

L’AIR Encore is a totally integrated suspended flooring system, specifically engineered for temporary in-house or touring theatre installations. Originally designed by L’AIR in 1986, Encore immediately became the global standard for portable, suspended flooring. With endless combinations of floor plans, Encore is the most durable, versatile and first and only component-integrated suspended flooring touring system of its kind. Furnished with heavy duty caster transports, Encore can easily be loaded/offloaded by forklift, shipped in sea containers, tractor trailers, or aircraft cargo.

For in-house storage, the provided transports can also be stacked. As a system, Encore is furnished with full and half-length suspended flooring modules, full and half full-length transports and transition ramps & stays that can be installed on any side of the floor plan.

Encore is recommended for the use with L’AIR professional DanceVinyl as the performance surface.



  • Full panel: 47-1/2“x 95” / Half Panel: 47-1/2” x 47-1/2”
  • Safe low profile of 1-3/8
  • Ergonomically designed for portable theatre stage applications
  • Easily transported, installed, stored and reinstalled
  • 98% consistent in suspended quality
  • ADA compliant transition ramps & stays available for doorways and open areas
  • Acoustic ratings for both ground and upper level installations: ASTM E492 / ASTM E989
  • Three-year limited warranty


Transition Ramps
Touring Stays