for light duty theatres

Excelle V sprung flooring systems are the result of rigorous field-tested research to address safety, performance, and reliability standards, and specially designed for permanent installation in light-duty theatre applications. The Excelle V system is an engineered bi-layer system featuring a base layer of exterior grade 5/8” multi-veneer plywood, a top layer of exterior grade, 5.35mm” plywood, and a PVC unique spline connection on all base panels – adding approximately 70% greater strength and elevation stability overall. Excelle V is quick and simple to install on your existing substrate and very quiet, with acoustic ratings for both ground and upper level applications.

Pre-installed suspension pads are a unique blend of closed-cell sponge of varying durometer and synthetics that perfectly match the “flex” of the panel and assure years of trouble-free service. Excelle V is recommended for use with L’AIR Professional DanceVinyl or hardwood as the performance surface.


  • 48” wide x 96” long
  • Safe low profile of 1-3/8”
  • Ergonomically designed for light-duty theatre applications
  • Easily installed and adapted to any floor plan
  • 98% consistent in suspended quality
  • ADA compliant transition ramps available for doorways and open areas
  • Acoustic ratings for both ground and upper level installations: ASTM E492 / ASTM E989
  • Low maintenance and long – lasting performance
  • Three-year limited warranty


Vented Wall Base
Transition Ramps