for studios and theatres

L’AIR’s original Excelle sprung flooring systems have often been copied but never equaled. Delivered as prefabricated modules, Excelle is specially designed for temporary installations in studios or light usage theatres, in the case where a location may change. Expansion of Excelle flooring systems can be easily accommodated by adding additional modules or relocated and easily reinstalled. Excelle is manufactured with unique, proprietary, void-free, laminate plywood that is greatly superior to other solid core alternative copies throughout the industry. Suspension materials are a unique blend of closed-cell sponge of varying durometer and synthetics that assure years of trouble-free service.

Excelle is recommended for use with L’AIR professional DanceVinyl as the performance surface.


  • Dimensions: 47-½” wide x 95” long
  • Safe low profile of 1-3/8”
  • Ergonomically designed for multiple dance and theatre applications
  • Easily installed and adapted to any floor plan
  • 98% consistent in suspended quality
  • ADA compliant transition ramps available for doorways and open areas
  • Acoustic ratings for both ground and upper level installations: ASTM E492 / ASTM E989
  • Low maintenance – long – lasting performance
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty


Vented Wall Base
Transition Ramps