Terms & Conditions

This warranty is issued to the original purchaser and applies only to L’AIR International products, which have been used for their intended purpose, installed and used within manufacturer’s specifications for site condition, within designed capacities, and not subject to abuse, misuse, and/or improper installation.

More specifically, this warranty does not cover damage caused in whole or in part by failure to comply with manufacturer’s specifications or manufacturer’s care and maintenance recommendations for product during off-load, storage, installation, and usage, by but not limited to, casualty, ordinary wear, warping and other problems arising from but not limited to climactic control failures, usage of L’AIR sprung floor systems in installations not within L’AIR specifications for installation, abuse, use or method of use for which flooring is not designed, faulty construction of the building, settlement of the building, failure or unspecified elevation consistency (inconsistency) of the installation sub-floor, and excessive dryness or excessive moisture from humidity, spillage, migration through the slab or wall, or any other source.

The surfaces of the L’AIR sprung floor systems are designed for and to be covered with specified L’AIR overlay (or other overlays not offered by and approved by L’AIR), as the performance surface. Manufacturer’s warranty does not claim to assure specific traction qualities or warrant traction qualities of any of its performance surfaces. Surface damage, or damage from load (weight), of any type, is not warranted under any circumstances.

All L’AIR materials and workmanship shall be warranted against defects from the date of substantial completion at the project site. Upon inspection and at its discretion, L’AIR will repair or replace any materials found to defective within the warranty periods stated below for each specific product:

  • L’AIR Engineered Suspended Sprung Flooring Systems – (3) three years
  • L’AIR Professional Dance Vinyl – (5) five years
  • L’AIR Encore & Dance Vinyl Transport carts – (1) one year (excluding casters)
  • L’AIR Professional Ballet Barres – (1) one year


Unless otherwise specified, all orders require 50% or larger deposit at time of order. Balance is due prior to shipping.


All shipments are F.O.B. from our facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Return Policy:

L’AIR is not responsible for products that were incorrectly purchased. L’AIR is not responsible for site conditions. Orders are processed based on dimensions and details typically provided by customer. Unless agreed otherwise, L’AIR is not responsible for site dimensions or details. All processed and shipped orders are final and no returns will be accepted other than for warranty purposes – which is optional and must be approved and authorized directly by L’AIR.

Inspection of Shipment / Claims:

L’AIR is not responsible for lost or damaged material. It’s the responsibility of the customer to confirm the number of packages delivered against the number of pieces on the delivery receipt AND check for any visible damage. Before signing delivery receipts, discrepancies or damage must be noted. In such as case, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt.


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Accuracy of Information:

The information on this website requires regular revisions, updates, additions and/or deletions as product changes are made. We reserve the full right to update or revise this information at any time, for any reason and without prior notice.